June 2021

Innovation is not only about pushing technology to the highest possible standards, but also about doing so in a smart, sustainable way.

  • Economic sustainability, through more affordable solutions and services that require few resources so that our clients can achieve the same results with less.
  • Environmental sustainability, via products with longer life cycles and by reducing waste destined for landfill.
  • Last, but most definitely not least, social sustainability, with excellent working conditions for our employees all over the world, responsible and dependable relationships with our suppliers, partners and investors, and a credible, certified supply chain.

For TKW Materials, sustainability is all this and more. It is the driving force that has been behind our mission to change the rules of the game in the nonwoven substrates sector, resulting in our Phantom plants that produce hybrid substrates. Developed in collaboration with like-minded partners, Phantom enables the manufacture of wet wipes and diaper cores of a quality previously unattainable, and at a cost that is decidedly more affordable than those produced by airlaid and spunlace technologies.

No need for hydro-entanglement and the consequent energy-consuming drying phase means a significant saving in costs and resources for manufacturers, and clear benefits for the planet. The technology also produces disposable substrates up to 90% composed of natural fibre, and we are committed to increasing this percentage as part of our ongoing commitment to developing ever more eco-friendly solutions.

This is how TKW Materials defines, and integrates, sustainable innovation. In turn, sustainable innovation defines TKW Materials.

It is an attitude that is entrenched in the entire Oerlikon group of which we are proud to be a part. As CEO Roland Fischer explains: “Sustainability is inherent in every choice we as a Company make. We have always seen innovation and sustainability as interdependent, and in that sense, nothing has changed: our core sustainability values are rooted in our history, traditions, culture and products.”

This concept has been set out clearly and in detail in our recently-published sustainability report.