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How businesses can do more with less: making a positive impact on the environment through innovative technology

June 2021

Many industries are facing significant environmental and social challenges today. In particular, the Paris Climate Agreement has set benchmarks for the reduction of CO2 emissions and standards that businesses must adhere to in the interests of the planet.

The Oerlikon Group’s presence among the 50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders is just one of the tangible ways in which it demonstrates its commitment towards taking concrete, effective actions that use fewer resources for greater results.

Do more with less. This is the ambition of the Oerlikon group and it is the pledge that TKW Materials makes to clients and potential clients who are considering making the move from traditional nonwoven production to our Phantom hybrid solution.

Hybrid Phantom technology: the new paradigm of sustainable innovation.

June 2021

Innovation is not only about pushing technology to the highest possible standards, but also about doing so in a smart, sustainable way.

  • Economic sustainability, through more affordable solutions and services that require few resources so that our clients can achieve the same results with less.
  • Environmental sustainability, via products with longer life cycles and by reducing waste destined for landfill.
  • Last, but most definitely not least, social sustainability, with excellent working conditions for our employees all over the world, responsible and dependable relationships with our suppliers, partners and investors, and a credible, certified supply chain.

For TKW Materials, sustainability is all this and more.

Announcing healthy first quarter 2021 results for the Oerlikon group.

May 2021

First quarter results for Oerlikon have been released and paint a healthy picture, with a significant improvement on the same period last year in the key economic indicators.

Orders rose by 34.6%, with a total of 643 million CHF, sales increased by 7.2% to 568 million CHF and operating EBITDA was 88 million CHF, a year-on-year rise of 46%. The results confirm the group’s solid position and positive growth trend, and are testament to the core business strategies in place that enabled it to overcome the impact of the global health crisis.

Our doors are open, and the future awaits.

May 2021

It is no secret that this past year has been full of challenges, but knowing we play a part in Italy’s strategic industrial activity gave us extra energy, ensuring we never took our foot off the pedal and remained focused and determined.

We overcame difficulties, kept production going and consolidated our position as a technological leader in the development of manufacturing plants for disposable substrates for use in personal hygiene products.

TKW Materials is pleased to welcome InGlass to the Oerlikon group.

April 2021

This news further underlines the group's ongoing investment and commitment to becoming a global leader in the fast-growing polymer processing sector.

The NonWoEvent: an exclusive preview of the new future of Nonwoven.

November 2020

TKW Materials is pleased to invite you to a unique event of its kind.

The live demonstration of a revolutionary solution born from the collaboration with Futura, a technological leader in the converting sector.

You will have the opportunity to see Create, the superior-performance calender for Nonwoven, integrated with the fully-automated Andromeda roll handling system.

The future of Nonwoven starts today. Be part of it from 1st to 18th December 2020. Book your private visit today at

Oerlikon Nonwoven supplies the meltblown technology for Innovatec GmbH

June 2020

Germany's Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier today handed over the first notice of funding to Innovatec GmbH in Troisdorf as part of the recently launched "Nonwoven Production" funding program.

TKW Materials: orders for Melt Blown machines for the production of surgical masks.

May 2020

The Covid emergency has led to an explosion in demand for masks in these past months and in turn, this has seen a rise in demand for machines that can manufacture the non-woven filtering material they are made from.

Presenting T-Pad: the result of joint TKW Materials and Fameccanica technologies

December 2019

The combined technologies of Teknoweb Materials and Fameccanica have resulted in the development of T-Pad, an innovation solution which enables suppliers to manufacture a high-quality product in terms of softness and flexibility, and is destined to completely recalibrate the way consumers view disposable sanitary items.