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Policy regarding the processing of personal data as prescribed by articles 13-14 of the EU Regulations 2016/679

Data subjects: visitors to this website

Teknoweb Materials s.r.l as the Data Controller of your personal details (as set out in EU Regulation 2016/679, hereafter referred to as ‘GDPR’), hereby advise that the aforementioned regulation requires us to protect personal data in a transparent, correct and lawful manner so as to ensure your rights and privacy are respected. Your personal data will be processed in accordance with the abovenamed legislation together with the obligations to ensure your privacy contained in that legislation.


is to enable the Data Controller to pursue legitimate interests, ensuring our website works correctly and improving our service standards, whilst providing data protection.



 In particular, your data will be used for the following purposes:

  • access to technical and functional elements of the website, however in such case no data will be retained once you close your browser;
  • for statistical and analytical purposes to understand more about website users and usage.

 Your personal data may be processed in the following ways:

  • by means of electronic systems using third party software;
  • by means of electronic systems using directly managed or programmed software systems.

All processing is undertaken in compliance with the methods set out in articles 6 and 32 of the GDPR, and in line with the prescribed security measures.
Your data will only be processed by persons expressly authorised by the Data Controller, in particular, those covered by the following categories:

  • analysts and programmers;
  • Marketing department.


Your data may be disclosed to external parties in order to correctly manage the relationship, and in particular to the following categories of recipients, including all Data Processors duly appointed:

  • Google Analytics: advertising target, analytics/measurement, optimisation.

 Your personal data will not be distributed in any way. Your personal data may also be transferred, within the limits of the purposes indicated above, within the following states:

  • EU countries.

In accordance with the principles of law, purpose limitation and data minimisation, as prescribed by Article 5 of the GDPR, the period for which your personal data can be retained is as follows:

  • no longer than the period of time necessary to perform the services provided;
  • no longer than the time necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were collected and processed, and in compliance with the mandatory time limits prescribed by law.
This website uses the following types of cookies:







The viewed_cookie_policy cookie is set to “yes” when the Cookie law info bar has been viewed and accepted.

1 year

Technical cookie

It is not a session cookie and is strictly necessary.


Registers a unique ID which is used to generate statistical data based on how a visitor uses the website.

2 years

HTTP Cookie

Third party technical cookies.
These cookies gather information anonymously, including the number of visitors to a website, from where visitors arrived and the pages visited.


Used by Google Analytics to limit the frequency of requests.

Used by Google Analytics to limit the frequency of requests.

1 day

HTTP Cookie


Registers a unique ID which is used to generate statistical data based on how a visitor uses the website.

1 day

HTTP Cookie

For suggestions on how to manage them, follow the instructions indicated in “MANAGING COOKIES”.


This website also functions as an intermediary for third party cookies, used to provide visitors with additional services and functionalities and to improve the usability of the website, such as videos or links to social platforms. This website has no control over third party cookies which are wholly managed by external parties. As such, all information regarding their use and how to disable them is provided directly by third parties as explained immediately below.

In particular, this website uses the following third party cookies:
  • Google Analytics: a Google analytic tool that uses performance cookies to gather anonymous browsing data (truncated to exclude the final octet of an IP) which it aggregates in order to understand how visitors use a website, and to compile reports on website activity showing number of visitors and pages visited. Google may share this information with external parties where there is a legal requirement to do so or where the external party process information on behalf of Google. Google does not associate an IP address with any other data in its possession. All data sent to Google is stored in Google servers in the United States.

On the basis of a specific agreement with Google, which is designated as having responsibility for data processing, Google undertakes to process the data according to the requests of the Data Controller (Technoweb Materials Srl, details as provided in a later section of this policy), regulated via the software settings. On the basis of these settings, advertising options and data sharing are disabled. You can find further information about Google Analytics cookies on the following page: Google Analytics Cookie Usage on Websites.

Users can choose to disable the collection of data by Google Analytics by installing a Google Opt-out browser add-on.

For further information about how Google uses and processes data, please visit the Google website pages which cover these points, including how Google uses data collection when using partner sites or apps.


If you are concerned about the use of cookies, you can take steps to limit them at any time, for example by change the privacy settings on your browser so that you can block certain types.

As every browser, and even different versions of the same browser, is significantly different from another, you should look for detailed information about setting preferences in the guide related to the browser you use.

You can find an overview of the most common browsers at the website

Advertising companies provide the option to opt out of receiving targeted advertising. This doesn’t affect cookie settings but it disrupts the collection and use of certain data by these companies.

To learn more and find out how you can opt out, visit


The Data Controller, in accordance with the GDPR regulations, is:
Teknoweb Materials s.r.l
Address: Via Verdi 23 bis , 26020 Palazzo Pignano (CR) Italy
P. IVA (Company number): 01660660190
Phone: +39 0373 350511
Any communication should be made through your legal representative pro tempore.

You have the right to request the Data Controller to erase, limit, update and rectify your personal data. You also have the right to portability and to object to your data being processed. You can exercise all your rights, as provided for in Articles 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 of the GDPR.


In accordance with Articles 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 of the EU Regulation 2016/679, you, as the data subject (user), may exercise the following rights in accordance with the procedures and within the limits provided by current legislation:

  1. You have the right to obtain confirmation of the existence or non-existence of any personal data regarding yourself, even if it has not yet been registered. Such confirmation should be communicated in a clear, easily understandable manner. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Authority.
  2. You have the right to obtain the following details:
    a. the origin of your personal data;
    b. how and why it has been processed;
    c. the system applied where the data has been electronically processed;
    d. the identity of the Data Controller, their manager(s) and any designated representative as set out in Article 5.2 of the GDPR;
    e. the recipients or categories of recipients who may receive your personal data.
  3. You have the right to the following:
    a. to update, rectify or integrate your data;
    b. the erasure or conversion to an anonymous form of your data. You may block the processing of your data where it contravenes the law, and this includes where retaining it is not necessary to fulfill the function(s) for which it was collected or processed;
    c. confirmation that the actions described in a) and b) above have been communicated to those with whom the data has been shared unless fulfilling such an obligation proves to be impossible or involves a disproportionate effort;
    d. data portability.
  4. You have the right to object, fully or partially:
    a. to the processing, for legitimate reasons, of your personal data, even if relevant to the original purpose for which the data was collected;
    b. to the processing of personal data used to send marketing or direct sales material or for commercial market research means.
Processing responsibility

Data collected via this site is processed at the office of the Data Controller and web hosting data centre (, responsible for processing the data on behalf of the Data Controller, is located within the European Economic Area and adheres to European laws (REGISTER.IT Privacy Policy). Google is appointed as responsible for processing data on behalf of the Data Controller (Google Analytics).

Changes to Cookie Policy This Cookie Policy may be modified at any time.

Changes to Privacy Policy The Data Controller reserves the right to modify this privacy policy at any moment and any such changes will be communicated to users via this page. We recommend you periodically consult this policy and note the date of the most recent update (indicated below).

Should you not accept any of the changes made to this privacy policy, you should discontinue visiting the website and send a request to the Data Controller to remove your personal data. Unless otherwise stated, the previous privacy policy will continue to apply to personal data collected up to that point.

Legal information Note to European users: this privacy statement has been prepared in accordance with the obligations set out under Italian national law (Legislative decree 196, 30 June 2003, Personal Data Protection Code), EU law (European regulation for the protection of personal data, 679/2016, GDPR) and successive modifications, as well as those contained in the 2002/58/CE directive, as updated in the 2009/136/CE directive regarding cookies.

This privacy policy document is relevant to this website only.

Last update: 05/12/2019