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make it hybrid

Quality products that cost less

Our focus is on providing superior products and optimizing costs by means of innovative solutions.

Our Phantom technology is the definitive solution:

five years of engineering development
20 companies involved in the project
patented technology

A platform which delivers a higher quality product and an extraordinary decrease in energy resources used.

A production process where disposable substrates are created by combining spunbound and / or meltbown with fluff pulp in a single step, making it significantly simpler than complex card and spunlace systems.

A technology that eliminates hydroentanglement and the ensuing drying, and delivers manufacturers significant energy and cost savings.


Personal hygiene wipes and pads.

Anti-bacterial wipes.

Wipes for sanitising difficult surfaces and for industrial use.

Substrates for pads and nappies, made with super absorbent polymers (SAP) or super absorbent fibres (SAF) instead of airlaid.

Surgical wipes as an improved alternative to those in viscose.


TKW Materials and P&G

P&G has awarded exclusive rights to TKW Materials to market and sell the Phantom platform through potential Roll Goods Manufacturers (RGM) for the production of hybrid substrates combined with polymer fibres, pulp and/or powder. This has been agreed via a Worldwide Technology License Agreement and is applicable for both direct use by P&G and for the substrate market for P&G non-competitors.

This proprietary multilayer process developed by P&G combines the best of both airlaid and spunmelt technologies and delivers a significant level of freedom in the formulation of wet and dry wipes.

The exclusive license gives TKW Materials total access to patents, know-how and pilot lines developed by P&G.

TKW Materials is supported by the P&G development team and R&D department.

TKW Materials will act as a unique technological/commercial partner to bring this new technology worldwide.

First in class product

> Co-forming technology:
combining the best of both airlaid and spunlace technologies
> Greater formulation freedom
(continuous, discrete fibres)
> Up to 90% made from pulp fibres,
however other natural fibres such as cotton may be added
> Extremely absorbent and flexible structures
> Highly textured materials
> Improved softness and protection for hands in baby wipes
> Suitable not only for wipes but also for any core application entailing absorbency

The entry-level configuration
for Coform newcomers.
The premium complete configuration
for players who are already familiar with the Coform market.