May 2020

TKW Materials: orders totalling millions of euros for machines for manufacturing non-woven surgical masks.
The Covid emergency has led to an explosion in demand for masks in these past months and in turn, this has seen a rise in demand for machines that can manufacture the non-woven filtering material they are made from.

Few Italian companies are equipped to supply Melt Blown manufacturing plants to meet the significant upsurge in orders from both Italy and abroad. One of the those, as pointed out by leading newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore in an article published on 23 May under the title “Mask filters: the new El Dorado for the non-woven sector”, is TKW Materials.
Prior to the Covid era, non-woven fabric fetched around 5 euro per kilo, but in just a few weeks that has leapt to 25 – 30 euro, reaching as much as 80 dollars in some cases.

Staggering numbers when you consider that a single kilogram of material yields one thousand surgical mask filters and Italian demand only is currently for 150 tonnes of Melt Blown per week.

A new El Dorado indeed.